Review : The Summer of Jake – Rachel Bailey

A new adult title from Entangled’s Embrace imprint… Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan…Life is just dandy for aspiring fashion designer Annalise Farley. She has a great job (or she will once her designs are discovered), parents who only slightly disapprove, a cat that thinks she’s a dog, and a best friend…even if … Continue reading Review : The Summer of Jake – Rachel Bailey


Review : Julie’s Butterfly – Greta Milán

When beautiful Julietta meets aloof, handsome photographer Bastian, she immediately feels butterflies in her stomach.
But Bastian has a secret: Since birth, he has suffered from a very rare skin disorder that makes him exceptionally prone to injury. His life is riddled with pain and rejection; his thoughts are dominated by self-doubt and mistrust.
Julie wants to … Continue reading Review : Julie’s Butterfly – Greta Milán

Review : Echoes of Scotland Street (On Dublin Street #5) – Samantha Young

Shannon MacLeod has always gone for the wrong type of man. After she drifted from one toxic relationship to the next, her last boyfriend gave her a wakeup call in the worst possible way. With her world shattered, she’s sworn off men—especially those of the bad-boy variety. Cole Walker is exactly the sort that Shannon … Continue reading Review : Echoes of Scotland Street (On Dublin Street #5) – Samantha Young

Review : Screwdrivered (Cocktail #3) – Alice Clayton

Readers back for a third round of the bestselling Cocktail series will enjoy a madcap romantic comedy about bodice ripping and chest heaving, fiery passion and love everlasting. Plus a dash of paperwork filing and horseshi—wait, what? By day, Viv Franklin designs software programs. By night, Vivian’s a secret romance-novel junkie who longs for a … Continue reading Review : Screwdrivered (Cocktail #3) – Alice Clayton

Review : Stay with me – Jennifer L. Armentrout

At 21, Calla hasn’t done a lot of things. She’s never been kissed, never seen the ocean, never gone to an amusement park. But growing up, she witnessed some things no child ever should. She still carries the physical and emotional scars of living with a strung-out mother, Mona—secrets she keeps from everyone, including her … Continue reading Review : Stay with me – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Review : Fix Up (Patch Up #2) – Stephanie Witter

Saying “I love you'' doesn’t erase the old scars and fears. "I love you to insanity. I'm not even sure if it's a good thing.'' — Duke Skye is trying to overcome what happened with Sean. Now that she’s slowly healing, both physically and mentally, she’s determined to do something she should have done sooner. … Continue reading Review : Fix Up (Patch Up #2) – Stephanie Witter