Review : Julie’s Butterfly – Greta Milán

When beautiful Julietta meets aloof, handsome photographer Bastian, she immediately feels butterflies in her stomach.
But Bastian has a secret: Since birth, he has suffered from a very rare skin disorder that makes him exceptionally prone to injury. His life is riddled with pain and rejection; his thoughts are dominated by self-doubt and mistrust.
Julie wants to help him shake loose his inhibitions and open up to her, but can she reach deep enough to truly understand his suffering?

My review :

The blurb about this story intrigued me, the story about Julie and Bastian, complete opposites : Julie, beautiful sociable, carefree, solar, searching for a balance in her life; Bastian handsome photographer, very secretive, cold and putting people at distance. The first they met, they were immediately drawn to each other. Julie feels attracted to him like the moth, who’s attracted by the light of the fire.
Bastian is doing everything to escape this attraction; by being an total ass. He acted like she were insignificant. He had his reasons to stay away from people and afraid that they would saw him like a freak, like he used to when he was younger.
Julie noticed that that he hide something behind all this attitude, but she couldn’t put a finger on it.
They thought that they would’t see each other again but all seems to bring them closer.
Julie can’t help herself ; she wanted more from this man, who seemed so wrecked by his past and present life. She understood very quickly his disease by his behavior : why he wears gloves, avoiding crowded places, and his suspicious gazes. Despite his disease, she saw him as a man not like a freak, accepting all of him. For the first time Bastian is struggling to let her in, overwhelmed by such feelings for her. He only had Elena and Felix, his best friend, attained by epidermolysis bullosa but in different level. It’s hard for him to trust someone intimately.
Through their relationship, Julie tried to teach to Bastian to live again, not despite his disease but by acknowledging it in his life. Bastian tried but each time, bad habits came back and he ran away, blocked out people and especially Julie.She fought hard for them but he’s not ready and still feel that people would scoffed him, avoiding him like plague. But his most fear is that Julie would leave him if she saw how damaged his body can be. Sometimes love is not enough and Julie can’t stand anymore the constant rejection from Bastian but tried to protect her heart because she can’t reach him. Hopefully Bastian did everything to get her back!I love his romanticism!
This read was emotional and amazing and showed us how people suffering from epidermolysis bullosa had to struggle with it everyday because one contact, even insignificant to us can hurt them badly.Reading about this story made us realize about how mean can people be, afraid of the unknown. This as a beautiful lesson of love and life through the POV of Julie and Bastian.The epilogue was perfect! I will read this book more than once!


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