Review : The Summer of Jake – Rachel Bailey

A new adult title from Entangled’s Embrace imprint… Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan…

Life is just dandy for aspiring fashion designer Annalise Farley. She has a great job (or she will once her designs are discovered), parents who only slightly disapprove, a cat that thinks she’s a dog, and a best friend…even if she hasn’t seen her in a while. But then Jake Maxwell saunters back into her life. Jake, the love god. Jake, her best friend’s older brother. Jake, who broke her heart at sixteen without realizing it, then left to become a pro surfer. Now he’s back, having taken the surfing and business worlds by storm, and he’s ready for a new challenge—catching the eye of another girl. And he wants Annalise’s help. Helping Jake land his next girlfriend is too fraught with emotional danger for her liking, but then Jake offers to put her designs in his shops. Is that the sound of her life cracking at the seams? It’s hard to tell with Jake smiling at her like she’s the only thing that makes him happy…


My review :


I grinned a lot! If a book can cheer you up, that’s this one!
I enjoyed reading the story of Annalise and Jake, researching for love but also for the satisfaction of their desire for personal growth and fulfillment.

Annalise is a promising clothing designer, beautiful, full of life, and had a big crush on Jake since she was sixteen years old.
Jake is a ex champion surfer, owning his company, sexy, player, charming and mainly the brother of her best friend.
Annalise tried to move on from her crush but one day, Jake contact her for an offer she can’t refuse!
We can see the wheels working on Annalise’s brain!! Do it or not? Will she be immune to his charm?

How funny and irresistibly sexy this story was! From the start we can see the chemistry, sexual tension between them, the invisible bound they made. The more than saw each other, the more they felt complete together, became kind of best friends, talked about their feelings, hopes.
Outside the charming facade, Jake is a very interesting character, suffering from his childhood, with an alcoholic father. He sucked in his past; he’s afraid to become his dad. Being so successful and very closed to his family put a distance with his father’s behavior, and showed to people that’s he’s better than him. He wanted to chase the shadow of his father no matter what.
Annalise can be shy but she’s not afraid to live the life that she wants. She’s colorful, very endearing! But that girl got it bad for M.mchottie Jake, and everytime she saw him, she felt like sixteen again! I love how she pushed Jake to go for what he wants, support him, and being a good listener. She’s like the electroshock in his life, at the time so confusing but also so clear!
Their interactions were great, especially their dialogues too : he said something to tease or bother her and she replied back immediately (i love dinner’s at Kelly and Adam’s) !

It was a very pleasant and joyful reading ! This story put me in a good mood! I love the memories of Annalise’s youth,even if she was totally transparent to him at this time.It makes me want to go surfing and fly to Australia right now!

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