⭐️ Review ** The Art of Stealing Hearts – Stella London ⭐️




“The bid is at five million dollars. Going once…”

This morning, I was waiting tables and dreaming of an internship at San Francisco’s most famous auction house . Now I have my paddle in the air, bidding more money than I can imagine for a priceless painting – and all because of him

“Going twice…”

Charles St. Clair is a famous British billionaire, and the most seductive man I’ve ever met. I can’t get him out of my head, and he’s not letting me get away. He’s offered the chance of a lifetime, all I need to do is say ‘yes’.

Sold, to the lady in the front row!”

Things like this don’t happen to girls like me – or do they? All I know is, I’m going to enjoy the ride.

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Love and Art series (book 2 and 3)

Book 2 Cover - The Art of Stealing Kisses

Book 3 Cover - The Art of Stealing Forever

** About the author **

Stella London is a romance lover turned newbie author. After a childhood spent traveling in Europe, she now calls New York City her home – but still keeps a flame burning for those sexy foreign accents. She loves strong coffee, new shoes, and handsome men in a well-cut suit.

** ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review **
The Art of Stealing Hearts is a sweet and cute contemporary romance. I really enjoyed reading this one; and I have to be honest, the art lover in me couldn’t resist to read this story about Grace, who got the chance to be an intern, to have her a dream job … until some unexpected events leads her into the path of a British gentleman; Charles St Clair.

The story of Grace and her will to success in the art world was great and I enjoyed following her journey strewn with pitfalls ; where she had to face the reality of this world. She worked hard to follow her dreams. This girl is brave, hard-headed, caring so much for the ones she loves.
If she have to be part of the art word, she definitely have to be tougher. She’s strong but when everything is against you and you have no ability to stop it; you’ve got two choices, move on or continue into this path! Grace’s character was full of passion and real.

So I told you about the British?? It’s time to meet Charles St Clair, successful business man and also art connoisseur. In this world where Grace has to face rejection and snottiness, this character was a breath of fresh air! He’s rich, not condescending at all, utterly different from all the posh she met before. What is also great? He’s not a man-whore, so yeah, some good points. I don’t know why but this character has a hint of mystery and I can’t wait to read more about him. There is something so appealing and endearing at the same time.

The character’s chemistry was smashing! Grace and Charles were reunited by their love for art, and I enjoyed each moment between them, from the first encounter to the moment where Grace’s life is gonna change for the best! The supporting characters were interesting too and added a good balance to the story and some depth.

Even if the story is kinda short and ends stop just at an interesting time, I definitely want to read the next one, The Art of Stealing Kisses, where I hope solve some plots of the story, especially about the stolen painting! I am interested to see where the story goes. For a debut novel, it was quite entertaining and well written. As I told you Stella, I share with you the passion of art and for British Gentlemen. I felt how passionate you are about this story and I was glad to be given this ARC for an honest review!!


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