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Honesty, an all-new standalone romance from Seth King, bestselling author of The Summer Remains.



No release date yet

About the author :

Seth King is a twenty-six-year-old author and artist.

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*** ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review. ***

I couldn’t put it down Seth King’s upcoming novel Honesty. I ended reading it overwhelmed by all of this.
I am a freaking mess right now, utterly moved by the grace and the beautiful prose. Just magnificent.

I read it captivated by this scorching romance about two teenagers falling in love. It was consuming to a point that I was almost feeling it … too much. I tried to take a break once just to clear my head, because honestly, it was a freaking tsunami of emotions.

At nineteen years old, young, wild and reckless and the future ahead of you, at the age when you’re still a kid but near to be an adult, trying to find a place could be hard.

Cole is a young boy, blogger at times and who loves photography. Feeling his “difference” and people rejection for not being in the right side, his blog “Honesty” is the place where he can express himself, but not able yet to show who is really is.
Nicky is the opposite of Cole, a popular jock.
Behind all this joyful façade is hiding some deep insecurities, he’s more acting than living. The two together definitely meant to be. Living the thrill of the first love as terrifying and enthralling, but with a road full of pitfalls.

Society tends to put people into labels, when you’re don’t fit in it, you’re isolated and rejected.
I’m sad and mad to see the world reacting like this, when people has still regressive ideas and how some can’t deal with the fact that love is love no matter what with who you are in love with.

Behind the story of Cole and Nicky, I could sense that this story was personal, like Seth King was baring his soul through their love story. I’ve never been so moved, ever by a love story, by two guys who loved each other so much but so afraid to show it to world.
I fell in love with Cole and Nicky, two beautiful crossed stars lovers who one summer found each other. They made my heart race, they took my breath away, they made me cry.

The internal struggle to fight for their feelings was pretty intense, passionate and leading to inevitable ending : heartbreak.
The pressure of society nowadays and how people can picture what the ideal way of life is don’t really exist; it’s how you make it happen or possible. You have to freed from this pressure, to break every codes and make your own rules for happiness. That what this story showed me : not to be afraid to show your true colors.

Is that possible to read a book that reach deep down your soul? I found it and this book is called Honesty.
Seth King, you should be freaking proud to show to the world who you are and for writing Cole and Nicky’s story. It was outstanding and each time I read your stories, it’s like poetry in my hands, maybe a little melancholic and sad at times, but always with amazing ability to give me hope after shattering my heart into pieces.
Thanks Seth for the beautiful gift!!

** My rating **

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