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Lawrence and Steph Brooks spent years fighting their love, and then they fought their way back to each other. After earning their happy, swoon-worthy ending, they were intent on keeping it.

But a few years, a fledgling business, and a couple of kids later, Steph and Lawrence learn that falling in love was the easy part and happily ever after isn’t for sissies. With life bearing down on them, they can’t always escape the fall, but they can do it with style.

*Falling with Style is a companion novella to Swoon, but may be read as a standalone.*


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I knew when I met Lawry and Steph in Swoon, They would be one of my fave couples I met in a book. And then Falling With Style happens. And I freaking love them so much more. And I read this novella … Three times!

So how is married life for Lawry and Steph??? Happy, exhausting at times but so full of life and laughter, between the man who loved to talk about emotions and his sassy, and stubborn wife and their two kids.


Lawry is one of my favorite book boyfriends. He’s funny, not afraid to pour his feelings and to challenge his wife and mostly for being an amazing husband, father and also business partner. I might have a sick fascination with Lawry, because this is how I love my fictional male characters. I could write all day about him, Le sigh!

Steph is the perfect balance to Lawry’s sensitive side. I loved her craziness, stubbornness and bluntness.  She’s the kind of woman to be dedicated to her clients. But sometimes you can’t have it all and Steph is gonna understand the consequences and how it could affect her family. Who will be at her rescue?? Her husband of course! You sexy thing!

Their two kids? Just awesome, two little feisty boys, so cute. I enjoyed reading about their family time, struggling to be a great parent, to give them all the love they deserved, unconditionally. Even if sometimes they drove them nuts! Two boys who could leave a trail in their wake, with little angel faces! And I fall in love with them as well.

Falling in love is one thing, but finding the best balance is another thing. It’s not perfect for sure, sometimes it’s messy but that’s how it supposed to be. A great adventure when you don’t take things for granted; when you fight and you work hard, as a team. Communicate and compromise. I’m glad to see how these two finally found their balance, in their own way.

It couldn’t be a CM Foss without a hint of sex, because that’s why I loved her books, writing about romance, “Sweet with a little bit of porn.” You heard me well, there’s some action in this book, just getting hot in here. Lawry not only could make you swoon, but also make you blush and hot!!! Their banter was still off the charts!

For the ones who read the other Books by CM Foss, you’re gonna be pleased! A great and funny reunion, leading to the Greenhouse. A delightful surprise!! I won’t reveal more about it, but it was priceless!

CM, I just wanted to thank you for this novella. Lawry and Steph’s life issues felt real, with situations you could rely on. Finding a balance between family and work is difficult, being a parent is hard, and you wrote it with so much style! 

So high five!!This novella is a fabulous gift to your fans, refreshing and entertaining but also for the new ones who haven’t read Swoon! Dude, what are you waiting for?


*** My rating ***

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Swoon, where Lawrence and Stephanie’s beautiful journey started …

Review here :

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