⭐️ Release Blitz * Excerpt * Review – Free Falling by G.L. Chapple ⭐️

Title: Free Falling 
Author: GL Chapple 
Genre: Romance
Love shouldn’t hurt. 
Love should make your heart soar – not break it apart 
Love should make you feel safe – not broken and vulnerable. 
I don’t want to feel like this anymore. 
Anger shouldn’t be all-consuming. 
Anger at her for leaving me 
Anger at her for showing for me that life could be more – and making me crave it. 
I don’t want to feel like this anymore. 
Two damaged people, free-falling through life. 
Two friends. Two choices. Two questions. 
If you’re unable to save yourself, can you really help anyone else? 
Can happy-ever-afters exist if you no longer believe in fairy tales?

Friends told me how sorry they were – but it wasn’t their fault. They told me I needed to move on – as if it were that fucking easy, and I could just pick up and carry on.

They apologised for my loss – as if I’d misplaced an item of value, instead of the person that had helped hold me together, all the broken, messed-up pieces of me…

It devalued her and everything that we had, and I hated that they could make such stupid, thoughtless and ridiculous statements.
I knew they cared and I knew they were concerned, but it took all my willpower not to punch them and tell them to fuck off and leave me alone.
I couldn’t give them what they wanted from me.
I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t want to feel…

I liked Free Falling a lot. This is the kind of story I love to read. A book that made me feel and challenged me. And it was.

Marcus and Maddie, two damaged souls, lost in a way in love.

Love is not sometimes all chocolate and flowers, rainbows and sunshine but hurting, bruising and killing you softly. And the author wrote about it in an amazing way. I was totally captivated and the author’s words got me.

Marcus was in pain and was angry against the world, acting more than living. Trying to fill the void of his girlfriend’s death. Alcohol and women didn’t change anything, just helping to avoid the ugly reality. He let down his guard once and swore that never again, he would love someone. But Maddie, seemed like the only one to make him smile, and ignite something that was gone long time ago. And she was so off limits. Best friend to his woman’s best friend. Yup complicated.

Maddie’s story was so painful and heartbreaking. A woman full of life turning lifeless, and relying on her boyfriend. The author got the point by telling us her abusive relationship, how deeply she sunk into this nightmare, being isolated and almost psychologically dependent on him, it was pure torture and making me feel so sad. I wanted to see her happy, finding her own self again.

When Marcus and Maddie really collided, it was like they were finally breathing again, finding their own peace without all the luggage they had behind. The chemistry and banter was incredible and intense. I was waiting for each moment they were together to get out of this nightmare. The dual POV was well written, raw and honest. The author didn’t beat around the bush.

The story was straight to the guts and I loved it. How from pain and heartbreak, two damaged souls found their way back to life and get a second chance to love again, to find their true love. I liked how the characters had to find themselves first, to be in control of their lives again.

Until the end, the author made work for it, turning this friendship into something more, where they both bloomed and shone together. Just read the book guys, so worth it.



GL Chapple is a welsh author that strongly believes she was born in the wrong country. She lives for hot, sunny days (of which there are never enough in her country of birth and residence!) Despite this, she can often be found at the beach with her husband and two young children. She has always loved to read and write and promised herself, one day, she would have a book bearing her name on her shelf. She will read almost any genre and despite her belief that the kindle ranks in the top ten of inventions, she still loves cuddling up with a paperback. She writes what she loves to read about: stories with heart, humour and heat.






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