⭐️ RELEASE DAY BLITZ: “Christmas Wishes – a Fool for Love novella” (Believe #2.5) by Karen Ferry ⭐️


Title: “Christmas Wishes – a Fool for Love novella” (Believe #2.5)

Author: Karen Ferry

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Release Date: 1st December, 2016

Cover Designer: Susan Garwood of Wicked Women Design – http://www.wickedcovers.com

Teasers created by Aaly and The Books:






Most lovers can’t wait to celebrate their first Christmas together –

but for Suzy and Garrett, the special season comes with a few surprises


I got the happily-ever-after that I had always hoped for. My life in New York seems like a fairy-tale – though my knight is not a white one. He is all the colours of the rainbow, and I love him more and more with each passing day.

Despite my happiness, I miss my home. I miss my parents. I miss my friends.

I wish I knew of a way to combine my past life with my present.

Maybe I can wish for a little Christmas magic?


She’s my light – the only one who can see into the depths of my soul. I’ll do anything to keep her happy. I wish she would let me inside her mind so I can help erase the shadows from her eyes.

Our happiness is interrupted when my family find themselves in trouble. I have to help them get back on the right track before it’s too late.

All they want is a Merry Christmas, but how is that possible when the outside world won’t let them?

***Author’s Note: This is a novella in the Believe Series and it is important that you read Fool for Love first.***


Amazon US –> http://amzn.to/2fKXmKc
Amazon UK –> http://amzn.to/2gwJIvY

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“Never thought it would happen,” he whispers. His hand moves from my breast, up my neck, then finally rests on my jaw. He traces my lips with his fingers, and a delicious shiver runs down my spine. The pads are rough, but his touch is as light as a feather.

My heart melts.

“You never thought what would happen?”

His eyes roam my face as he makes me wait for his answer. The heat in them makes my breaths grow more shallow, and it feels as if every part of my being is singed from his fire.

“Never thought I’d find a woman who’d be able to pull me out of the darkness.”

I stop breathing for a moment. My eyes prickle as tears gather in them.

It’s so rare that he talks about his past now, that it always takes me by surprise when he mentions it.

His eyes stop their perusal as he touches his forehead to mine for a short moment.

“Never thought I’d be so lucky,” he murmurs.

My arms constrict around his neck.

“Never thought one woman’s smile would light me up from within like yours always does.”

“Please stop,” I whisper, my voice trembling from the love that I can feel touching my soul in his every word.

“My love.” His lips brush mine, and I lift my head, trying to deepen his kiss. He won’t have any of it, though. Both of his hands come down to frame my face, and his thumbs sweep my hair away, baring me completely before him. As always, I yield to his will, even though patience is the last thing on my mind right now.

“You’re going to make me bawl like a baby,” I sniffle, trying to smile.

He laughs low, the deep rumble that I love so dearly, but it’s gone as quickly as it started.

“I hope I’ll never stop being worthy of the love you have given me so freely.”

Even before he’s done talking, I shake my head.

“I promise – I swear – that’ll never happen, honey.”



Karen Ferry is a thirty-something writer, wife to a quiet, laidback man, and mother to a gorgeous, stubborn, redheaded girl who keeps her parents on their toes.

Even though Karen is Danish, she has always felt more at ease writing stories in English, and she is a complete Anglophile and bookaholic. She loves Italian food and wine, travelling, and spending time with her family. When she is not writing, she reads – her favourite genres are New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica and Romantic Suspense. She can never get enough of romance.

Or of too many book boyfriends, either.

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Website: http://authorkarenferry.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorkarenferry?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorkarenferr

Instagram: @authorkarenferry

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/authorkarenferr/

Karen’s Fairies” – Street Team/Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/763032850451948/

Goodreads Author Profile: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/12055659.Karen_Ferry

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Amazon US –> http://amzn.to/2gDb9Dz

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Amazon US –> http://amzn.to/2gD9T3t

Amazon UK –> http://amzn.to/2fLmHXV




This is the third book by Karen Ferry and the magic is still here. I have a profound affection for Suzy and Garrett; how two lost souls finally found each other and collided in the best way. Sometimes I love reading the story after the HEA and I wasn’t disappointed to read a glimpse of these amazing characters that moved me.

It’s finally Christmas time and even with all the obstacles and darkness they overcame, seems like this Christmas won’t be quiet for sure.

I won’t reveal much about the storyline but if you loved Suzy and Garrett in Fool For Love, you’re gonna fall in love over again with this couple. A couple that loves fiercely, passionately and with this ability to make you believe in love and in fairytales.

Everything is not easy and in spite of all the obstacles and shadows of the past, they make it together, fight together and get stronger together. I think I wanted to hug Garrett for more than once and Suzy is my hero, this lioness protecting the ones she loves.


I lost count about how many times I swooned … or how naughty my dear author friend’s imagination was. Definitely on top! And the “Yes, sir” … is that my glasses fogging again?? This ounce of dominance, possessiveness with this hint of sweetness. I was melting like a puddle …


Guys, if you remembered some scenes in Fool For Love, verra, verra hot ones, well let’s just say that once again I’m amazed by the author capacity to bring us such a range of emotions, and how to bring each emotion to another level. And damn it was sinfully and delightfully hot.

For a novella, it was a condensed and intense story. After reading it, I wanted to bottle up this essence and never let it go. Christmas Wishes made me incredibly happy, reading about how this couple works and stands together, no matter what. Having each other’s back, craving and showing us what love looks like when you find the one, your home and never take things for granted. The only one who accepts all of you without exception, flaws and all.


It was a wonderful Christmas present! I adored and treasured each moment.


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