⭐️ Review – Until Susan by CP Smith ⭐️



From the world of NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Aurora Rose Reynolds. See how the Mayson clan began. You’ve read their sons’ stories, now it’s James and Susan’s turn. Experience the boom all over again in this action-packed novella of insta-love and suspense from Author CP Smith.



Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2Een32p

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*** ARC kindly provided for an honest review. ***

I’ve always wanted to read about James and Susan Mayson, parents of Asher, Cash, Trevor and Nico. I adored the Until series and when the idea about authors writing about this universe with characters we’ve met or places that reminded them series, I was really intrigued.

The challenge is to find the little something that made this series special with their own touch, and I have to say that CP Smith did it great and give justice to them. Reading about how it started. A trip to memory lane, settled in the 80’s.

Of course you’d find alphas men, sassy and stubborn women, insta love, people who won’t wait to go after all they wanted. If you have met the Maysons boys, be ready to met their father, and you’d know where they took this alpha vibe from. Like father, like son…

The younger James was definitely quite intense, passionate and utterly possessive about the only woman who held his heart from the first time they met. Badass sheriff county, also terribly charming and even that kind of behavior would have made me rolling my eyes but it worked perfectly.

Susan was definitely James’ match. New in town with a really demanding career as a nurse, without looking for love but gonna get boomed. If you are familiar with the series, you know that can’t escape it.

Once it happened, they never let it go. Once again the BOOM worked its magic. I was so glad to finally read their story. Definitely a novella I’d read more than once. Damn the Mayson charm…




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