⭐️ Review – Landslide by Kathryn Nolan ⭐️



There ought to be a law that Gabe Shaw – hippie lumberjack, Viking with a man bun – should never be allowed to hold tiny infants against his broad, muscular chest.

Celebrity makeup artist Josie Torres has three rules when it comes to men: No spending the night. No second dates. No falling in love. Her rules protect her still-healing heart and leave Josie free to chase her true love: the electric nights of Los Angeles. But when she arrives in funky, bohemian Big Sur for a photo shoot, those rules are no match for the small town’s sexy bar owner.

Gabe Shaw has a good life in Big Sur. Surrounded by family and friends, he’s the third-generation-owner of The Bar, the only place where quirky locals can escape the tourists and drink in peace. He’s in love with his hometown and its verdant beauty, but he still yearns for one thing: his soul mate.

After one night of searing passion, Josie intends to run… like she always does. But a storm as strong as their attraction unleashes on Big Sur, leaving her trapped. Gabe has the funniest feeling he’s found what he was missing. But it’s only been a week – and the last person that made Josie feel this much destroyed her world.

She can’t—she won’t—make the sacrifices Gabe is asking her to make.


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Kathryn Nolan writes erotic romance novels and quick-and-dirty novellas. She loves a smart, strong heroine. She likes her heroes filthy-mouthed (and not afraid to bend a little).

And she’s all about that slow-burn sexual tension. When she’s not at her day job (which is top-secret) she enjoys feminism, foreplay and having her nose in a book.
She’s a morning writer, a bike commuter, and the world’s biggest X-Files fan.


*** ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review. ***

Can I say I’ve been waiting for Gabe and Josie’s story since Bohemian. I adored it, heart burst so many times I lost count, I’ve been wholeheartedly felt in love with the story, the people and how Kathryn Nolan could write about strong connections and people who tried to look for it and found it when they weren’t expecting it.

I knew for sure that I was already in too deep into this story. From the first chapter. I was hooked on this feeling, the one that took my breath away, made me feel so much, an inspirational journey filled with so powerful and intense feelings.

Gabriel… damn the Viking Man Bun. Definitely book boyfriend material but it wasn’t about the books, just about all his being, irradiating generosity, kindness, a man attached to his hometown sharing the values his family taught him.

A hopeless romantic, who was longing to find one day someone to fulfill this void, a partner at every levels, challenging, making him feel the way his parents still do after all this years. He might have a certain conception of love in his mind that would definitely put in perspective the moment he met Josie.

Josie was trying to heal her broken heart, for being oblivious and decided to guard her heart by one night stands, no string attached. It worked until she met the sexy lumberjack who might have found his ways into her heart. In the short time she spent in the same place, Gabriel made her put things into perspective, challenging her and stepping outside her comfort zone. Something frightening and exciting at the same time.

It went beyond the physical attraction, the main characters explored their desires filled so much sensuality and passion, the air was emotionally charged with so much intensity, when they gave to each other without reserve when both their hearts told them otherwise.

This strong hint of steamy moments made blush more than once, the intimacy they shared, giving to the other trust, and giving fully of themselves. A side that no one has seen.

The author is such an incredible storyteller. I was hooked from the first pages. An inspiring journey full of magic, harmony and humanity. So romantic and poetic. I adored how the author brought this two broken souls together, and it took one landslide to disrupt everything. My heart was filled with so much emotion and I know for sure it will read it more than once and still feeling the same.


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