⭐️ Release day – SOMEDAY MY WITCH WILL COME by Daisy Prescott ⭐️

Today we are celebrating the release of SOMEDAY MY WITCH WILL COME by Daisy Prescott. Someday My Witch Will Come is the second novella in Daisy’s Wicked Society series, and it is a lighthearted paranormal romance title with a cozy mystery twist. You can purchase it now or read it for FREE as part of KindleUnlimited. Check out information for the other novellas in the series below.

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Get Witch Quick by Daisy Prescott
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You know those little girls who dress up as Disney princesses in the bright, shimmery costumes and dream about their prince rescuing them?

That was never me.

In this story, it’s the witch who saves the prince.

Ever since I joined the Wicked Society, my tarot readings are always about sacrifice for the greater good and martyrdom. In other words, any day now I’m going to lose something or someone I love. Evidently, my spirit guides are the ride or die types.

For years, I’ve asked the cards the same question about my crush. Will Tate Winthrop fall in love with me? The answer is always someday.

As in someday Tate will love me back.

Someday there won’t be a group of witches using dark magic to destroy our coven.

Someday I’ll stop having the same dream about a handsome prince with long blond dreadlocks kissing a woman wearing a sparkly, poofy, ball gown.

Someday my witch will come.

This is book two in the Wicked Society series of interconnected lighthearted paranormal romances with a cozy mystery twist.



Purchase Now or read for FREE in KindleUnlimited!

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Check out the other novellas in the series

Get Witch Quick by Daisy Prescott

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Daisy Prescott is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic comedies, including Modern Love Stories, the Wingmen series, and the Love with Altitude series, as well as the Bewitched series of magical shorts, and Tinfoil Heart, a romantic comedy standalone set in Roswell, New Mexico.

Daisy currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband, their rescue dog Mulder, and an indeterminate number of imaginary house goats. When not writing, she can be found in the garden, traveling to satiate her wanderlust, lost in a good book, or on social media, usually talking about books, bearded men, and sloths.

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*** ARC kindly provided for an honest review. ***

Samantha always felt like an outsider in the Witch world, and now part of it, in this quest to protect the coven and mostly to find out who’s behind all the threats. The foursome, with Madison and her boyfriend, Andrew and Tate, the guy she crushed on like forever were one step closer to solve the mystery.

In this third installment, we focused on Tate and Sam’s story. Unrequited love, lusting from afar, and yes there was tons of swooning and sighing involved… I totally got it.

But appearances could be deceiving at times and Sam was learning how to trust her instincts and go for it. She was pretty hilarious at times, with her uncensored thoughts and just trying to maintain a sense of reason when Tate was around. But she couldn’t fool anyone with that…

Tate was a mystery to me. From blue royalty among the powerful witches, with his laid back personality and abilities as an Empath, it could be hard to see the truth about his feelings. As a black sheep of the family, from his looks to his lifestyle, he was a character I could easily be attached to.

Throughout their quest, Sam and Tate became closer and lines were going to be blurred. That short story kept me captivated until the end. I followed this group of friends since the beginning and I could sense that Sam and Tate were the real deal, not without some hardships to overcome in their way.

Once again the magic was operating and this story with a twist of mystery and a hint of paranormal was interesting and entertaining. The group dynamic was really good and the chemistry between these two just undeniable. Throwing a bit of romance in the air and it created such an amazing spell that would charm readers who have read the previous books.

Someday, Sam’s Witch will come and when it happens, the princess will find her way without being saved by the prince. To find her own way into the world. Hopefully the next one is coming soon, because jeez I need answers!!!




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