⭐️ Review – Cabin Fever (Lost & Found #1) by Elizabeth Lynx ⭐️

Cabin Fever


Have a destination wedding, they said. The mountains are so romantic, they said. They’ve obviously never been a runaway bride.

Olivia Love has it all. She’s rich, spoiled, and about to marry the man of her dreams—until she witnesses her fiancée with someone else, sending her on a little run. Down the side of a mountain. In her wedding dress.

When she finds a cabin in the woods, her relief is short-lived at discovering it to be empty. No phone, no heat, and no way back to her perfect little life. That is until a gun-toting mountain man fills the space and sends her heart rate skyrocketing.

Carter Fitzwilliam likes the simple things in life. His sheep farm, his privacy, and man’s best friend are all he needs until a smart-mouthed beauty in a white dress breaks into his cabin and threatens to complicate the hell out of everything.

She’s lost, looking for help. He’s hiding, never wanting to be left alone. Will she be the one person his heart needs to find?

If you like outrageously funny characters, sexy heroes, and a juicy opposites-attract story than you’ll love the first book in the Lost & Found series, Cabin Fever is the first standalone, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy book in the Lost & Found series by Elizabeth Lynx.


Amazon US –> http://bit.ly/CFamzn
Amazon International –> http://smarturl.it/CabinFeverBook
iBooks –> http://smarturl.it/CabinFeveriBooks
Kobo –> http://smarturl.it/CabinFeverKobo
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Paperback –> http://smarturl.it/CFpaperback


Elizabeth Lynx writes romantic comedy with steam. She’s a recovering comedian. Wife and mother of the male species. Believer in love & laughter. Her life consists of preventing small catastrophes and wondering if a day will exist when she doesn’t have to fold laundry.



** ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review. **

Runaway bride, accidental meeting, hot mountain guy living in here middle of nowhere… with that craziness in the air, a strong hint of wittiness and sarcastic banter. And that tension, going from almost sweet to smoking hot.

I really appreciated their story. Two people so different from their lifestyle to their clothes. Almost not living in the same reality. The socialite and the broody mountain man, had to cohabit for a while, stuck in that cabin. Carter and Olivia knew how to push each other’s button without really trying. It wasn’t that before they caught cabin fever.

Olivia might have been seen like a spoiled child but definitely had a change of  perspective when she learned about Carter’s job working and living simply. As much he seemed a bit paranoid and not giving easily his trust, Olivia was the one to crush his walls down.

The author managed to give a great balance to the story, alternating between the hilarious times to the emotional ones. I adored how the main characters explored that deep bond turning into that something more, something they might have not expected when they met. Olivia’s spontaneity and her pinch of extravagance melt perfectly into Carter’s grounded and very secretive side.

I really appreciated it even if it was a bit lengthy at times but still, I had so much fun. I was also surprised by the way Elizabeth Lynx brought everything back together. Pretty smart and she was resourceful about the plot lines, which was succeeded to me. A laugh-out-loud comedy that introduced some great characters which made me want to read their stories.




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