⭐️ Review – STAR (Price of Fame, #2) by Elizabeth Lynx ⭐️



A movie star moves next door. A disabled veteran minds his own business watching a rather loud *ahem* movie in his bedroom. What happens when she gets fed up with the noise by breaking into his place only to discover him in his birthday suit?

Hi. I’m Niki Sargeant. The actress mentioned above. No, that’s not a movie pitch I plan to show producers. It’s my life.
I recently became Hollywood’s it-girl and moved into a swanky condo. When I hear a woman screaming rather loudly from my new neighbor’s home, I’m concerned. Breaking into his condo seems like a good idea at the time, at least that’s what my friends tell me. I realize it’s a mistake once he appears in the living room with no clothes on.
Yet, I can’t keep my eyes off him.

Did Niki say she broke into my place over concern about a woman screaming? Let me tell you the truth.
I’m Tucker Six, former Marine, the current head of a tech firm, and a mysterious loner. Maybe not a loner or mysterious but I am where it counts.
Wait, that didn’t come out right. Let’s start over.
There is only one reason Niki broke into my home, my body. I won’t lie. I’m cut and the coolest person within a five-mile radius. I can’t blame Niki for wanting me. But I have a problem.
She obviously wants me for my body but I wanted her heart.


Elizabeth Lynx writes romantic comedy with steam. She’s a recovering comedian with a firm belief in love & laughter.
She is the wife to a wonderful man who puts up with her crazy and a mother of two boys both under the age of seven. To say she leads a hectic life is an understatement. If you are friends with her on Facebook you have probably heard the wild tales of her children.
Feel free to email or message her as she loves to hear from her fans. She is mostly on Facebook but has been known to post annoying pics on Instagram, tweet totally irrelevant stuff on Twitter, and get lost in a field of Pinterest pins.




AMAZON (preorder):  https://smarturl.it/StarPOF


*** ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review ***

In the first book you’ve met Hunter, please meet his brother, Tucker. If the first was the good guy, this one was the opposite not caring about anything except himself. Not accepting self pity or anything else. He was really surprising and you didn’t know what would come next with that man. No filter at its best and he was just refreshing, hilarious and definitely insane.

Niki was a bit his opposite but nonetheless not shy at all. She was an aspiring actress and but not fully living her dreams. Tucker added some spontaneity in her life and he was accepting her entirely.

They melted so greatly, the banter was on point from smoking hot, emotional to hilarious moments. The chemistry was definitely there and I adored reading their crazy, wild and humorous story.

When you have a book that made you laugh from the first pages without even trying, you know it’s good to be good. Add a bit of sarcastic banter and colorful characters, a strong hint of steamy and tons of laughter! Right up my alley!!!




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