⭐️ Book Review – Alone Before You by Claire Scott ⭐️



With her past haunting her, Gwen Taylor shut herself off from every relationship she ever had.

But her lonely existence comes to an end when she moves to Beauforde, a small mountain town in Colorado. And when she meets Colton Underwood, a businessman and amateur boxer.

Their attraction is consuming, and soon even Gwen can’t deny her growing feelings toward Colt or the fact that their affair is anything but casual. But, even as she comes alive for the first time in years, her past threatens to destroy everything.

Drowning with guilt over a something she cannot change, Gwen must face her fears before it all catches up to her.

*WARNING! This book is recommended for ages 18+ due to explicit sexual content and language that some people may consider offensive. This book is dark erotica and is not intended for young readers. All situations of a sexual nature are consensual, though there is some non-sexual violence and disturbing situations. If you are sensitive to graphic violence or sexual encounters read with caution.


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** Taken from her Goodreads profile **

First and foremost, I am a reader. I’ve been in love with reading since I was a child. Ever since I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time, when I was probably too young to even understand what it was really about. For me the true beauty of a book comes from re-discovering it. I absolutely love re-reading books and seeing if I am the same person I was when I first read them, and if I can discover some hidden secret that was previously concealed from me. My love of writing stems from this love of reading, and I would truly be nowhere without it. Every day I meet new people and rediscover old ones, I learn about cultures and societies I never knew about. And to be able to create my own ones, to write the world as I imagine it is what drives me. To have no restrictions but my imagination. In particular, I love writing about complex and strong women.

If you have any questions or feedback, or just want to say hello, please email clairescottauthor@gmail.com

You can also find me on instagram: @readingromance



Alone Before You was an emotional journey, dark, with a strong hint of erotica and suspense.

I’ve been expecting a very emotional and heartbreaking and just the first pages showed me how it was more twisted and darker.

Although the author managed to write about vile and monsters in a way that you would give you chills, it took me a while to connect with this story. This is the kind of heroine I adore, because she would rise from all the trauma and darkness she was trapped into. But still I needed time to really warm up to her. Her thoughts were very descriptive and I guess I needed as well to get accustomed to the author’s writing style and some parts were a little repetitive to me, but since it was a work in progress about Gwen’s situation it was totally understandable but still.

I meant Gwen is a survivor and a fighter, running from her past, never settling down because she’s always been by herself and even her own family (expected her brother) treated her like she was worthless, like you wouldn’t have imagined.

See? Heavy stuff.

I totally understood why it got into her head, how some things would set her off, like triggers of her past. I guess the author totally conveyed how traumatizing and haunting Gwen’s life was. Always trying to survive and keep her guards up. To trust her instincts. However, I felt a bit disturbed about some of her actions or thoughts. It was a mix of nativity and unobtrusiveness, sometimes boldness like she was totally another person, more confident and steady.

While trying to stay invisible and live her life the best she could, she became friends with Heather, her boyfriend Gabe. With these two came Colt, trouble with a capital T. For a woman who didn’t know how to have friends, Heather and her determination to let her open up won her over. And mostly, Gabe’s charm and powerful magnetism.

When these two were together, there were so many sparks and they would totally forget the people around them. In a crowded place, they would always be aware of each other.

Colt was as cocky and arrogant but totally so much more. The successful businessman met his match with Gwen, who didn’t pursue him and not giving a damn to get his attention. Their connection was just natural and intense. Charged with extreme sexual tension. Very hot.

I appreciated that he tried to keep her safe and to let her open up on her own terms, not treating her like a broken woman and keeping her on her toes and the other way round. Flirty banter and fun and at times, raw and emotional. I loved it!

In the middle of the darkness Gwen was, I could see some parts of lights when she let her guard down a bit, her banter with her new friends and Colt, who seemed to be genuine about her and protective. This tight knit group that took now a bigger place in her life and heart, still struggling if she could trust them or not.

I had this strong feeling throughout the book. When I started reading it, I could feel that Gwen’s past was going to catch her at some point and I was so captivated by her story and then the story stopped… I was right. I have to read two other books now to get the whole story. Can I say I’m a little annoyed? Yes but in a good way because I want to see what’s going next.

I enjoyed this story, that took some time to settle, which was weird due to all the things that she had to go through.

It was a really promising first installment.




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