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R.S. Grey’s new standalone rom-com, To Have and To Hate, is out now! Check it out and order yours today!

About To Have and To Hate:

Marry a man I barely know to save my family from ruin.

It might’ve been simple, if my betrothed were anybody else.


On our wedding day, my husband-to-be arrived at the courthouse like a black cloud rolling over Manhattan. Walt didn’t crack smiles or pepper in pleasantries as we exchanged hollow vows in front of the judge.


His disdain for me was so palpable I assumed we’d walk out of that ceremony and resume our regularly scheduled programming. But then fate was like, Hold my beer. I got this.


In desperate need of help and with nowhere else to turn, I had no choice but to ignore a crucial rule in our contract: I shall only contact Mr. Jennings II in case of emergency. But hey, what’s a little fine print between husband and wife?


Turns out, Walt’s a stickler for legalese—I think it might be his love language. Oh, and his attitude at the courthouse wasn’t a put-on. My so-called husband is a jerk. He takes what he wants without giving any consideration to other people—specifically ME, his blushing, contractually-obligated bride!


I knew life with Walt would be no honeymoon, but a marriage of any sort should still come with a few standard guarantees:


To have and to hold.

For richer or poorer.

In sickness and in health.

But after experiencing Walt’s version of wedded bliss, I say let’s forget about all that lovey-dovey crap and just take me straight to death do us part.


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About R.S. Grey:

R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels. She lives in Texas with her husband and daughter, and can be found reading, binge-watching reality TV, or practicing yoga! Visit her at rsgrey.com


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To save her family from ruin, Elizabeth had to marry a stranger. When she was trying to figure it out and totally freaking out Walt didn’t hesitate at all, handling this like a business transaction.

It was entertaining from the beginning, Elizabeth a ray of sunshine, a little naive when it comes to her family, a dreamer who knew how to push Walt’s buttons and he was great at ignoring her, terrible at communicating and expressing his feelings.

Their banter was really great and I enjoyed it but at some point it felt like their relationship was going on circles but the author managed to bring the tension between these two, infuriating each other perfectly.
They made me smile a lot and frustrated tons as well.

I appreciated Elizabeth’s character who had such a great evolution in the story. She was hilarious at times but a little too kind in the beginning and gained confidence throughout the story, not settling for less.

For a man who was older than her, he was totally hopeless when it came to her, his actions showed something by telling something else, mostly not saying anything at all could have confused anyone for sure. I wished I had more Walt’s thoughts because it was definitely worth it.

It gets better towards the end and I was glad to see this marriage for convenience turning into something real for both.

I had mixed feelings about this book, I liked it and sometimes I didn’t. Surprisingly, I couldn’t put it down. It was really strange. A rom-com plenty of charm and funny for sure but needed maybe more development in the middle to strengthen the storyline.

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