⭐️ The Prodigal by Kristy Marie is live! ⭐️

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THE PRODIGAL, a steamy, frenemies to lovers standalone from international bestselling author, Kristy Marie, is LIVE and FREE with Kindle Unlimited! 

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What to Expect:

💛 Sarcastic Hero

💛 Sassy Heroine

💛 Epic Banter

💛 Road Trip

💛 Forced Proximity

💛 One Bed

💛 Grumpy/Sunshine




Remington Potter was a sarcastic jerk with a body of an avenging angel. He screamed good times and bad decisions.

But that’s not what made us friends.

His saving me that one night did—even if he denied it.

Remington Potter was my antihero.

I owed him at least a friendship and a plastic chair.

But I made one mistake.

I didn’t knock.

I didn’t look away.

All I saw was him on the floor.  



And broken.

But that wasn’t the worst part.

I discovered Remington Potter wasn’t the mysterious savior I thought he was.

He was vengeful.  

And I was the final piece in his game.

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*** ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

I’ve been waiting for Remington’s book for so long and it didn’t disappoint. Definitely a top favorite of mine! 

Ruthless, cruel, crude, mostly tortured and twisted anti hero didn’t expect to find on his path of revenge the woman who’s gonna steal his heart without even trying. 

A woman who could speak his own language and see through his game, even how hard he was trying to push her away. All bets were off with Eden.

I’ve been totally captivated and enamored with this story. A man on a mission with a twist he didn’t see coming. How about the banter? Just marvelous and the sarcasm and viciousness on point. 

The chemistry and connection? Off the charts!

Did my heart crack a little each time I read about the main characters? A lot. 

As the story unfolds I fall more in love with them.

The story was creative, meaningful and all the feels. Remington had nothing to lose and was deeply marked by his past. Eden had endured a lot and these two understood each other in the darkness. There was something sublime, visceral and incisive in their interactions, showing their true selves wholeheartedly.

I absolutely fell in love with Eden and Remington, with this incredible story performed with such poetry and breathtaking brilliance. 


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